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OEM Automatic is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of industrial automation components. An extensive and detailed range composed of products from leading manufacturers gives customers a unique opportunity to make all their purchases from one supplier.

We will be an attractive partner that gives customers access to top-quality products from leading suppliers, help with development projects and the means to streamline their purchasing processes. Our product specialists and sales staff have long experience and help customers find the best technical solution. Fast deliveries, straightforward communication and clear information are a matter of course for us. Having OEM Automatic as your partner should be simple and efficient!


Our manufacturers are specialists in their fields and leaders in their industry. By serving as the manufacturer’s local organisation with full responsibility for all sales, we are able to offer a unique range comprising more than 25 000 items from over 100 leading manufacturers. 

sales staff

Our sales professionals have expert knowledge of all the products in a range and their priority is to work closely with the customers to provide commercial and technical advice. The objective is to find the best solution for the customer every time.

product specialists

Our product specialists are the extended arm of the manufacturer inside OEM Automatic and work closely with the manufacturer’s organisation. They often work directly alongside the manufacturer’s development department.

customer support

Our customer support department is always at the ready to give a first-class service to the customer. Our support staff answer questions about deliveries, prices and general technical matters.


Many of our manufacturers operate globally and are at the forefront of technology and product development. Most of them are market leaders in their specialist fields. We create value for our manufacturers by being the best alternative in their choice of sales channels.

Loyalty, partnerships and long-term agreements lead to strong ties and forge trusting and long-standing relationships with our manufacturers. Our objective is to be the optimal sales channel that makes our manufacturers market leaders in their unique product range in the local market. 


Our success is based on us generating added value for our customers. We bring value to our customers’ products and processes by offering technical expertise and an extensive range of components and systems. 

Our business model is based on the salesperson identifying a customer’s need. Our product specialists are also involved at the start of a project to produce an optimised solution for the customer. Questions sometimes arise when the project has been completed and the solution is in place. This is where our customer support team plays a key role by being on hand to answer questions and swiftly avert problems.


The range is divided into six product areas to maintain a high level of technical expertise on the products. Each product area has its own product specialists and salespeople.

Gruppbild Maskin
Sensor och maskinsäkerhet
sensor & safety
Tryck och flöde
pressure & flow
Bildanalys och Vision
Computer Vision
we free up your resources

At OEM Automatic, we see the customer’s needs as a whole and prefer to deliver an end-to-end solution. We can make your processes less complicated and more efficient by modifying and assembling components into a ready-to-use solution that you then order with a specific order number.

Miljö och kvalitet
quality a part of development

We focus daily on systematically bringing about large and small improvements to our processes. The aim is to enhance delivery efficiency, minimise complaints and improve internal processes.

value-added logistics

Our logistics centre in Tranås is called Höganloft. It serves as a central logistics hub for the OEM Automatic companies in Sweden, Norway and Denmark, and for OEM Motor and Telfa.


OEM Automatic AB is part of the OEM Group, which is present in 15 countries. Below is contact information for companies within the Group.

OEM Automatic AS

Postboks 2144 STRØMSØ,
Bjørnstjerne Bjørnsonsgate 110,
NO-3003, DRAMMEN, Norge
Tel: +47-32 21 05 05

OEM Finland OY

Box 9 FI-20101 TURKU,
Fiskarsinkatu 3, FI-20750 TURKU, Finland
Tel: +35-8-207 499 499

OEM Automatic Klitsø A/S

Engholm Parkvej 4,
DK-3450 Allerød, Danmark
Tel: +45-70 10 64 00

OEM Automatic Ltd

Whiteacres Cambridge Road,
Whetstone LEICESTER LE8 6ZG, England
Tel: +44-116 284 99 00

OEM Automatic SIA

Vilandes 3-3,
LV-1010 RIGA, Lettland
Tel: +37-1-2919 9382

OEM Automatic UAB

Paliuniskio g. 1,
LT-35113 PANEVEZYS, Litauen
Tel: +37-0-6550 0323

OEM Automatic Sp. z o. o.

ul. Postepu 2,
PL-02-676 WARSZAWA, Polen
Tel: +48-22-863 27 22

OEM Automatic, s.r.o.

Bratislavska 8356,
SK-917 01 TRNAVA, Slovakien
Tel: +42-1-911 122 009

OEM Automatic Kft.

P.O. Box: 111
HU-2058 BUDAÖRS, Ungern
Tel: +36-23-880 895

OEM Automatic spol, s r.o.

Pražská 239
CZ-250 66 Zdiby, Tjeckien
Tel: +42-0-241 484 940

OEM Automatic OÜ

Kanali tee 1-328,
EE-10112 TALLINN, Estland
Tel: +37-2-6550 871

OEM Automatic Co. Ltd.

Room 117, Building 8, Shanghai Zhongtian Science & Technology Business Park No 787, Kangqiao Rd, Pudong district, Shanghai, CN-201315, P.R. of China, Tel: +86 (0)21 3307 0588    

Contact us

You are always welcome to contact our customer support if you have questions or comments regarding our range or a specific delivery. We always work to get you a quick response. Our opening hours are weekdays between 07:30 and 16:30.

Customer support
075-242 42 00
Telephone switchboard
075-242 41 00

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